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October 21, 2011

Indeed, why must I complain when You already gave Your life for my sake? I never really or want to understand that life here on earth is a prelude to a bigger life there with you in heaven. Maybe I just wanted to enjoy life here right now or maybe it is really my nature to sin. You made the rules simple and yet it is always difficult for me to follow. Love my neighbors and anything that will hurt them is a sin. So simple yet why can’t I follow a damn simple rule.

I complained about the miseries of my life without realizing that these will keep me in touch with you all the time. Maybe this is the reason why I am unhappy because happiness will draw me away from You. I prayed to win the lottery and promise to help those in need but I never realized that everyone of us is praying exactly the same prayer and making the same promise. 

I need not say anymore. All I intend to say right now is I wish to be in heaven and I am carefully thinking of what I must do to be there. Thy will be done then. Just make sure to guide me to heaven and I will adhere to the things that must happen to my life to get there. Please give me the opportunity to show my neighbors that I’d like to give what I have. LET ME WIN THE LOTTERY TO PROVE MY POINT. Thy will be done, my Lord.