I know I shall pass this way but once. And in passing, I am sure I shall be hurt. I shall be ridiculed by people who doesn’t even know me. And even by friends whom I shield from their own arrogance and mischiefs.

Indeed, I would have no chance but one. One chance to live this life as good as I can in the eyes of a perfect GOD that guides me. And as righteous as I can make it to be…under the magnified views of my peers and my enimies.

I will embrace my one fate. Be it painful or fortunate.Unjust or rightful. I will understand those who judge my actions without even looking at the other side of circumstances. I shall not question what my GOD has instored in the future for me, for my children and my children’s children.

I may be hurt…but wounds would heal. I may be rejected…yet, there will always be someone who will embrace me and understand.

I know I shall pass this way but once. And I will have only one chance to dwell on circumstances, people and valuable moments of  equally valuable lives.

I choose to have true  friends than fortunes. Sow respect in every environment I reach out so that those who received it will learn the values of a fulfilled household and a true productive workplace.

I shall forgive. Because in the end, what is seemingly a life’s misfortune is actually a blessing in disguise and a blunder to those who think of themselves as gods.

I have one chance to live. And in this one life I wish to be an instrument of hope. A model of God’s endless grace.

Be it foolishness in the eyes of intelligent fools. Or stupidity to those who think of themselves as judge of other people’s lives, not even knowing that they are STUPIDITY itself !

I have 431 reasons to be happy in this one chance as of the moment.

3 at home…and 429 at work.


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