They never really know who you really are. Because if they do, life would never had been this way. Or perhaps, they never wanted to understand. Maybe because, they are expecting too much. Or they wanted the fulfillment of their expectations… for their own glory and pride.

Everyone would like to be the most intelligent. They cannot differentiate intelligence and cleverness anymore. Because if they do, they would respect each other’s decisions…look after each other’s welfare…work in harmony…and live their lives as you have exemplified…Loving thy neighbors as loving thy own self.

They cannot really understand why you chose to be laid down on hays instead of a grand cradle made of gold and silver. Because they wanted you to live as they are living…so others could say that they do as you did…

They wanted your blessings yet they cannot wait. But when it is there in front of them, they never considered it as coming from you because it is below their expectations. They asked for miracles but they cannot accept that miracle is a step by step occurrence.

They wanted instant relief of pain when pain itself is the process of healing.

They never really know you. Because if they do they will not forget that despite of your sacrifices and love for all of us… they do, over and over again, what they did to you;

…while you were battling death, they fought for the only possession that you had as a man…

…when you asked them to appease your thirst, they gave you a drink that intensified the pain that you felt…

…while you were gasping for your breath and asked for the forgiveness of your merciless murderers they pierce your body with a sphere because what you did is hypocrisy in the eyes of your so loved enemies.

They don’t know who you really are. Even how much pretention they show and words that they let go to manifest how you are to them is only foolishness to you and to the rest of us who suffer for their selfishness and stupidity.

They don’t know that whatever they do to the least of your brethren…They are doing it unto you…



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