Well I guess this is goodbye. After those seemingly endless moments of love and hate that we cannot control in our desire to mould you into what we think is best, here we are again, destined to be abandoned by those we learned to love and consider as our own.

This is what I hate about teaching. After finally learning to care for the persons and give your all to open their eyes to the world outside, it always lead to goodbye and overtones of sadness in the joyous environment of their success.

So what else can I do but leave a final peek of the realities of life to those I cared so much and will be leaving us with only the foot steps that they left behind on the corridors of what they used to call home.


YOU CAN DO WHAT OTHERS CAN. If you can eat what they can eat, drink what they can, then there is a level battlefield. You can learn what they can. You can achieve higher grounds if you will wish and dream for it. They are also humans. They are not gods. You can outdo anyone and everyone if you so desire.

DO NOT STOP BELIEVING. You can become what you want to become. Dreaming does not cost you anything so do not deny yourself of an elegant dream for the future. Aim high and dream high. Believe in yourself before others will learn to believe in you. It is you who set the boundaries of what yourself can and cannot do. So make yourself exceptional, extra-ordinary, amazing and unbelievably superb because I BELIEVE IN YOU.

THE RIGHT TIME IS NOW. If there is a mountain that needs to be climbed, a journey that needs to be conquered the first stride of your feet should be done right now. The next eight months will be the most crucial days of your lives. It will draw your future so give it your best fight. It is more than half of your lives so there is no room for mistakes.

This game is not the survival of the best but it is the game of the most persistent. Make or break. TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIVES.



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